Competition Details

The EuroCosplay Championships are comprised of a series of competitions held at partner events held all over Europe, and the EuroCosplay Championships Final to crown a European Champion which is held annually at the MCM London Comic Con in October.

Each partner event will organise a competition to select one cosplayer to be their EuroCosplay Finalist for the EuroCosplay Championships Final for that year, representing the country the partner event has taken place in.

Partner events are free to set the format, rules and criteria of their qualifier with just three basic regulations set by EuroCosplay. This combined with EuroCosplay policy to not interfere with judging at partner events creates the freedom for countries to represent their opinions on what makes great cosplay to everyone.

The three common regulations set by EuroCosplay for all competitions to select Finalists are listed below and the official rules in full can be found on this page for further reading.

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  • Regulation One:

    Events must select a registered citizen or permanent resident for at least 3 years of the country the event happens in; if the event so chooses they may extend eligibility to registered citizens from neighbouring European countries that do not have a qualifier as well; this must be clear in their advertised rules.


  • Regulation Two:

    Events must select a representative who will be aged 18 years old or over by the start of London MCM Comic Con where the Final is hosted. For the EuroCosplay Championships 2019 this is the 25th October 2019.


  • Regulation Three:

    The selected representative must be fairly selected from all eligible people hoping to be selected and not involved with the organisation of any EuroCosplay Partner Events or the EuroCosplay Championships for at least 18 months prior to the selection.