The EuroCosplay Championships are back in 2018!

Our EuroCosplay Facebook pagewill be showcasing this year’s Finalists as we approach the EuroCosplay Final held at the London MCM Comic Con on Saturday the 27th of October 2018.

EuroCosplay seeks to raise the profile of cosplay across Europe and inspire current and future cosplayers, strengthening the cosplay community.

The EuroCosplay Championships are organised by cosplayers and MCM with a strong focus on craftsmanship. Qualifying cosplayers receive free admission to the London MCM Comic Con for the weekend, as well as having their accommodation and travel costs paid. They all have thehonour of representing their country in an event funded by MCM who run the popular MCM Comic Con and Memorabilia events in the UK.

EuroCosplay selects experienced cosplayers for judges from around the world to ensure solid and impartial judgements. The judges talk to all the participants during the weekend and inspect their costumes first hand so that they can properly asses construction and accuracy. The marking criteria are detailed at length in the rules.

The EuroCosplay Championships Final is held every year at the October London MCM Comic Con.

– in 2018 the date for your calendar is Saturday 27/10/2018.

Buy a ticket to the MCM London Comic Con in Octoberto watch it in person or keep an eye onour twitch channelfor a live stream of the Finals.

The EuroCosplay Championships now has almost 30 countries taking part. European events looking to get involved can email us

Photograph courtesy of Jonathan Cullinane